101: Curing olives

Olives on tree_unripe

I have always loved olives but if I’m honest with you, I really had no idea what was involved in curing olives. My parents have a magnificent Manzanilla (or Manzanillo) olive tree in their backyard standing at nearly 5 meters tall. These olives have a superb fresh flavour and a generous pulp – perfect for curing. I had read that… 

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Garden to table

Baby beets

The beginnings of our new herb and vegetable garden. We set up a planter box along the back fence and it gets direct sunlight from early morning until around midday then dappled sunlight as the sun falls. We found some good dark soil, planted seedlings spaced in triangles and now a month later – thanks to some… 

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It’s hard to imagine a time when I didn’t love curling up with a good cookbook and getting lost within its pages. There are a bounty of cookbooks out there. The things I look for? I like interesting stories, anecdotes and helpful tips at the beginning of a recipe. It has to be personal and accessible…. 

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Flourless orange almond cake


We’re keeping it simple today because delicious doesn’t have to be complicated. This flourless orange almond cake has become my go to cake for when I want to whip up something that’s easy but also mood-enhancingly good. It is wonderfully dense and moist and has a marmalade-like flavour that is incredibly moreish. I especially love the way… 

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My Great Grandmother’s gnocchi


I’d forgotten how good fresh pasta is. It was a recent visit to my Great Grandmother’s that swayed me back to the virtues of making pasta from scratch. When we gather as a family together to eat at her home, my Great Grandmother almost always makes gnocchi. We hanker for her gnocchi whenever we come… 

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Mt Hawthorn Hawker Markets


On a balmy Friday evening, we decided to explore a new street food Market not far from our new home. We made our way down to a grassy reserve in Mt Hawthorn called Axford Park and were greeted by rows of food vans and marquee stalls offering fresh street style food. We stumbled upon delicious smells,… 

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Hello again + Shepherd’s Pie


There has been quite a bit going on lately. Outside of this blog that is. The past few months have been muddled due to the many things we’re juggling. I’m sorry to say that the continual busy-ness has left little time for much creation in the kitchen. We just moved into our new home and… 

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Snapshots: Lyon, France


Lyon is the culinary capital of France. A gourmand’s dream destination. We were told this many many times before our visit to the city a little while back. Where does Lyon’s gastronomic reputation stem from? Is it the famous Les Halles de Paul Bocuse market named after the city’s most famous chef? The abundance of bouchons scattered throughout the city?… 

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Simple Crêpes

Crepes 4

I have a sentimental soft spot for crêpes. I remember my Mum making them when I got home from school and eating them with a spread of jam or Nutella. I’m sure at the time I didn’t appreciate her efforts nearly as much as I should have. This is my favourite recipe for crêpes. It makes lovely delicate crêpes without too… 

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Neglected sourdough starter


Sometimes it feels like the weeks just sprint by. We’ve been caught up with our day jobs, building a new home, friends’ birthdays and the rest. When life gets busy it can be hard to catch up. Not surprisingly, our sourdough bread making has taken a back seat. I posted about our foray into homemade… 

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